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Terra Cotta pots can be found everywhere and are quite affordable. And the best part? Their plain and one-toned color give you a chance to jazz it up! So for today’s ribbon craft, we decided to play around with our popular friend the Terra Cotta pot and find a way to make it beautiful and stunning with picot edge ribbon.

And we definitely succeeded!

DIY Flower Pot

This Terra Cotta flower pot is now dainty and gorgeous looking! The details of the lace-looking doilies (much cheaper than lace!), picot edge ribbon, and a pearl bead make this DIY Flower Pot design great for weddings! Can you imagine how beautiful this DIY flower pot would be on the table of an outdoor wedding? Simply breath-taking. Learn how to make your one DIY Flower Pot for weddings below.

Materials for a DIY Flower Pot

  • ┬áPicot Edge Ribbon – 2 yards at most (To use the same Mint Green Satin Ribbon with Picot Edges that we used, go here to buy)
  • Embellishment (i.e., button, pearl, flower, etc.)
  • Three 6-inch Doilies
  • One 4-inch Terra Cotta Pot
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Instructions on How to Make a DIY Flower Pot

  1. Stack all three doilies. Using your scissors, cut across the doily stack about a quarter from the top. Try to be as straight as possible. It does not need to be perfect since you can hide flaws with the ribbon. You’ll be using the quarter piece of the doilies, and the 3/4s piece of the doilies can be discarded or used for another project. DIY Flower Pot by Ribbons.com
  2. Using your hot glue gun, glue one doily piece onto the Terra Cotta pot. I used the ledge of the Terra Cotta pot to help glue straight. You’ll want to glue a straight-as-possible line on the bottom of the doily and straight across. Be careful to not burn yourself as you glue near the ends where the design is open. Once the glue has been applied, press your first doily onto the pot, hold until set. DIY Flower Pot
  3. Adding the second doily gets tricky since you’ll need to overlap the doilies. If you overlap too much, you could end up with empty space when you add the third one and it won’t look right. What I did was casually placed all three doilies on the pot (do not use glue) and played around with it. Once I decided on how the overlay is even, I then glued the second doily and the third one. DIY Flower Pot DIY Flower Pot
  4. Now, you’ll want to add on the picot edge ribbon. It’s important to start gluing the picot edge ribbon in the middle of the doily and at the place you would consider is “the front.” Glue a small dot on the terra cotta pot, and start gluing your picot edge ribbon on. Glue a dot, wrap your picot edge ribbon. Continue this process until you circle the whole entire Terra Cotta pot. (Note: the picot edge ribbon should hide any flaws from cutting the edges of the doilies) DIY Flower Pot DIY Flower Pot
  5. Once the picot edge ribbon has been wrapped around the whole pot, cut the picot edge ribbon off the spool. And where the picot edge ribbon meets you’ll want to add a bow.
  6. To make the bow, simply loop and cross the picot edge ribbon (see photo). Then loop the other side and crisscross in the middle. Use your hot glue gun and glue a dot in the middle to keep the bow shaped. You’ll want to glue behind the first ribbon to hide the glue spot. DIY Flower Pot DIY Flower Pot DIY Flower Pot
  7. Attach your picot edge ribbon bow to your Terra Cotta flower pot with a small dab of hot glue. Be sure and use the bow to hide where the picot edge ribbon trim started and finished from Step 4. DIY Flower Pot
  8. Attach your ribbon and embellishment in the middle of the picot edge ribbon bow by gluing it down with your hot glue gun. And voila! Mission accomplished – your DIY Flower Pot looks incredible! DIY Flower Pot


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