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Greet your guests this Autumn with a beautiful fall wreath. I’ve rounded up the most gorgeous and luscious fall wreaths for you to draw inspiration from. I’ll be making my own soon and posting it here. But till then, marvel at these beauties who use a number of different materials to make welcoming fall wreaths. From acorns to tulle, you’ll find a wreath that makes you want to start crafting your own!

Fall Wreath Round-Up

This Fall wreath from Southern Living utilizes small acorns, nuts, and other natural ingredients from the yard. First, wrap a wreath form with dark chocolate ribbon and then start to glue on your embellishments from Mother Nature. Lastly, add magnolia leaves to the back and a bright bow to the front. Voila! This fall wreath is definitely easy to make.

Fall Wreath from Southern Living

This Fall Wreath from A Beautiful Mess consists of Fabric pieces. I can’t believe how easy this wreath is to make! All you need is a wire hanger (that you’ll form into a wreath form) and some knot tying skills. This is great for those that have leftover scraps and want to make a low-cost fall wreath.

Fabric Fall Wreath from A Beautiful Mess

 This wreath was designed by All About You and features gorgeous fallen leaves. This is great for those living on the East Coast that can truly see the seasonal change. Pick red, green, and orange colored leaves for a variety. And to make it look just as consistent as shown, make sure the leaves are relatively the same size. This fall wreath looks tricky to make, so if you can find a simpler way to make it and produce the same results, please share with a comment below.

Fall Wreath from All About You

My Home Ideas came up with this lovely miniature gourds and pale wreath. All you need to do is affix your goods to a wire wreath for a lovely look. Every item on this fall wreath is real and will last until Christmas if need be.

Fall Wreath from My Home Ideas

Add some signage to your fall wreath for a wonderful welcome! Make It and Love It designed this gorgeous Autumn Greetings wreath that won’t break the bank. All items are available for purchase at your general store like fake leaves, wire, and more. Use the wire to attach leaves individually and then create a wired ribbon bow that shines bright. This design is affordable and very welcoming.

Fall Wreath by Make It and Love It

Ever heard of using Deco Mesh for making a wreath? Wreaths By Rita uses deco mesh to create a full and voluminous look. Add on some cute embellishments like a crow, sunflower, and wooden corn, and you’ve got something as cute as this wreath (you can also purchase it if you don’t feel like putting in the work!).

Fall Wreath by Wreaths By Rita

This fall wreath is made purely of tulle tied around a wreath form. Designed and executed by Melody Helms on Etsy, this fall wreath is a great example of easy fall wreath designs you can make. Just purchase fall colored tulle and start tying knots onto a wreath frame. Glue on embellishments like leaves and cat tails to complete the look, and you’re set for some fall fun time.

Fall Wreath by Melody Helms

Corn is actually a wonderful tool to use when making a fall wreath. Just take a look at Better Homes and Gardens‘ Gourds and Corn fall Wreath. It looks so simple to make, but yet has a ton of detail that I love. Use an old wire tomato cage and adorn it with vegetables, fruits, berries, and greenery to get this look.

Fall Wreath by Better Homes and Gardens

Looking for something that you can hang every fall season? This wreath is made from faux pumpkins called putka pods. All you have to do is wrap a heart frame or foam piece with moss then glue on your putka pods. It’s easy to make and will be wonderful to take out and hang every fall season. This look was designed by RoseFlower48 on Etsy.

Fall Wreath by RoseFlower48

I had to post this Fall Wreath I found on the Internet. I’m not sure how it was made, but the pumpkin design is adorable! To “borrow” the idea, I would wrap and manipulate three separate wreaths into one. Then attach miniature berries and a bow to complete the look. What a wonderful wreath!

  Fall Wreath

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