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History of the Damask Print.

Commonly seen as black and white, damask print has a long and rich history. Historians link the damask print to Damascus, Syria, during the Middle Ages. To be categorized as “Damask” fabric, the printed fabric must be reversible. As time progressed, damask fabric became known as any ornamental patterned silk or satin fabric that can draw its origin to Damascus. The intricate pattern of damask print makes this design classy and beautiful.

Crafts with Damask Ribbon.

Damask print makes an excellent accent to any craft project. A hint of damask ribbon adds charm and elegance to any table setting, candle, bouquet, and more. Mostly used at bridal showers, damask ribbons can also be used at weddings. Incorporating a print with solid colors like pink, yellow, and blue, make a beautiful combination. Damask ribbons could also be used for little girls who want that pretty pretty princess look. Take a look at the collage we put together of the best crafts with damask ribbon.

Damask Ribbon Craft Collage

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Damask Ribbon for Sale

Damask Ribbon Fabric

Add a touch of sophistication to your products or crafts. This Damask Ribbon Fabric comes in two colors: Black and White, or Black and Oatmeal (a unique combination). Made out of polyester fabric and thread, this Damask ribbon is visible on both sides. The symmetrical, damask pattern is printed onto this ribbon that also features a very thin stitch for making damask hairbows.

Damask Ribbon Fabric Damask Ribbon Fabric in Oatmeal

Paper Damask Ribbons

The perfect mixture between elegance and eco-friendly, these paper damask ribbons are made from thin, creased paper that’s environmentally friendly. The ribbon is textured from top to bottom to provide an appealing look to any craft. Because it’s made from paper, it’s pretty inexpensive and unique. Just don’t use this paper damask ribbon for floral bouquets, since one spray of the water bottle will leave the print running. This is an excellent paper damask ribbon for gift packaging, since it comes in two colors: chocolate and sage and black and white.

Paper Damask Ribbons in Chocolate Paper Damask Ribbons in White

Wired Damask Ribbon

Wired ribbon makes it easy to shape and form into a specific design. This wired damask ribbon is textured and patterned on one side. There is even a light layer of glitter to give off a delicate shine. This wired damask ribbon is perfect for wedding reception table settings or chair backings. The shine would be quite beautiful when the light from the dance floor hits it. More about this wired damask ribbon is that it features wired edges stitched on the sides, consists of metallic silver thread, and can easily be made into bows.

Wired Damask Ribbon

Lime Damask Ribbon

This color combination of damask ribbon is quite uncommon- lime and gold. You may not think the colors go together, but just look at this gorgeous damask ribbon! It’s wide to show off the pattern as much as possible and the wiring enables this ribbon to easily be used to form bows. Use this lime and gold damask ribbon for special events, since guests will surely note its uniqueness.

Lime Damask Ribbon

Christmas Damask Ribbon

As soon as school starts, the holidays roll around way too quickly. Don’t get caught unprepared; start your Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons shopping now. Here’s a great place to start looking: Christmas Damask Ribbon. Spruce up your Christmas packaging with these elegant and wide Christmas ribbons. Adorned with the Damask design, these wired ribbons are easy to form into bows and come in colors like wine and gold and wine only. You can use these ribbons on ornaments, on the tree, on gift packaging, and much more. Get creative with it!

Christmas Damask Ribbon

Damask Christmas Ribbon in Wine

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