Cute and Easy Kraft Thank You Card Tutorial

Homemade greeting cards are hands down the best. You can say a lot through writing a card, but DIY-ing your own card makes you go above and beyond. Not only did you invest your time in writing down your lovely thoughts, but you also spent extra time making the card. Nowadays, where people are emailing greeting cards, sending a homemade card via the mail is an even more rewarding and truly special experience. And we’re 110% sure that your recipient will adore the thoughtful gesture.

Homemade Thank You Card

For this week’s craft, we’re going to show you how to make a simple and easy Thank You card (really, you can make any type of card with this tutorial, since you would just adjust the message on the front to fit what you need). This tutorial utilizes the ever-trending kraft paper look with some fun colors and ribbon. You don’t have to be a pro scrapbooker to make this card, just follow the directions below.


  • 5-1/2″ X 8″ Kraft Paper Cardstock (I purchased mine at Michaels already folded and with an envelope; it was on sale for $1.50 for a pack of 25)
  • Kraft Paper Envelopes (Need to be large enough to fit the cardstock in; and not too snug because you will have ribbon on the sides)
  • Scrapbook Paper (I picked a colorful polka dotted one; you can pick any pattern you like, but make sure it is not too much that it overpowers the words you want to stamp on it)
  • “Thank You” Stamp (or you could do another message)
  • 7/8″ Light Coral Satin Ribbon
  • 2″ Circle Die-cut
  • Scissors
  • “Thank You” Stamp and Ink Pad
  • Glue Dots


  1.  Fold your cardstock in half (or use a pre-made folded card). Homemade Thank You Card
  2. Using your circle die-cut, stamp out a 2″ circle of scrapbook paper. Homemade Thank You Card
  3. Stamp your 2″ paper circle with your “Thank You” stamp and ink pad. My stamp ended up being too long to fit the 2″ circle across. I ended up using a scrap cardstock to block the “You” when I stamped the “Thank.” And then I reversed it for putting the “You” under the “Thank.” It was more time consuming and not always perfect, but it turned out really cute and very DIY-ish! I made around 25 circles, since I’m making 25 cards. You only need to make one if you are making one card. Stamping Technique
  4.   Cut the ribbon off the spool into 12″ strip. You will need one strip per card; if you are only making one card, then you only need one strip. I made 25! Homemade Thank You Card
  5. Place the ribbon strip inside the cardstock with the front of the cardstock up. Pull out roughly 2″ of the ribbon out of the right-side of the card and lower left. Attach a glue dot on top of the ribbon (seen in picture). Place this ribbon tab down onto the cardstock. This side is complete. Now, go to the left-side of the card where the longer piece of ribbon is sticking out. Attach a glue dot on the top of this ribbon piece (seen in picture). Wrap the ribbon across the front of the card and stick this piece down on top of the other ribbon piece on your right-side. Try to be as straight as possible to make the ribbon look perfect. Use another glue dot and place the stamped circle over where the two ribbons meet. That will hide the glue dots and the overlap (seen in picture). Adding Glue Dots
  6.   Voila! Your card is ready for some sweet words by you and then you can send this homemade card to one lucky recipient. For me, these cards are going to some very wonderful people – those who came to my Bridal Shower! Homemade Thank You Card
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2 Comments to "Cute and Easy Kraft Thank You Card Tutorial"

  1. heidi says:

    could you use hot glue to secure the ribbon and the thank you circle

  2. admin says:


    You can use hot glue but I would set it at a low temperature since you are dealing with paper.


    Alisha at Ribbons.com

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