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Cupcakes are a great alternative to the traditional celebratory cake. And our becoming the newest trend for weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, and more. Cupcakes are even widely used as party favors! So what if we add some ribbon to this tasty and popular treat? We’d make it even more of a hit! To make our point loud and clear, we’ve gathered up the most beautiful and most adorable cupcake and ribbon combinations from the web. Let us know if you think cupcakes and ribbon is the perfect combination with a comment.

Cupcakes & Fondant Ribbon

This cupcake is completely edible and features ribbon and buttons made from fondant. Aren’t these cupcakes from Little Miss Fairy adorable? I just want to eat them up! And I can because fondant is completely yummy and tasty. Many pastry chefs use fondant to create cake masterpieces and designs, but that doesn’t mean nobody else can learn how to shape this cake topping. Sign up for some local cake decorating classes and you’ll be making these scrumptious cupcakes with ribbon in no time.

Cupcakes and Fondant Ribbon from LIttle Miss Fairy

Cupcakes and Ribbon Toppers

You’ll want to remove these toppers before you take a bite, but they are all sorts of cute! The Monster designs come from Icing Designs and are perfect for a Monster-themed kid’s party. The soft colors complement the ribbon touch quite nicely. “Borrow” the look by making your very own toppers. All you need is stickers or a print out cut into a circle or your choice of shape, sprinkle some glitter, glue topper to popsicle stick, and tie ribbon. Voila! Your very own cupcake and ribbon topper.

Cupcakes with Ribbon Toppers from Icing Designs Photo from Kate Landers Events, LLC

Cupcakes with Pink Ribbon

Once you’ve finished icing your cupcakes, tie some sweet pink ribbons for charm like Simply Perfect Weddings did. Pink is a wonderful color to work with, since it’s just as sweet looking as the cupcakes it is adorning. Cupcakes with pink ribbon work well for bridal showers, girl baby showers, and little girl’s birthday parties. These small pink grosgrain ribbon adds enough dainty to an already adorable treat and your little girl will love it.

Cupcakes with Pink Ribbon

Ornate Cupcakes with Ribbon

If you’re going for an ornate cupcake with a lot of detail on top, I would recommend adding some ribbon to the bottom of the cupcake to add even more glamor. My Inspired Wedding did a wonderful job of pairing the richness of purple flowers on top with the satin ribbon on the bottom. The gold chord then wraps the cupcake up for perfect serving. This design is great for packaging one cupcake to a special someone on Valentine’s day or for an anniversary. I wouldn’t recommend making a lot of these for a wedding, since the cost of the materials can add up quickly. Make your cupcake jumbo size to make it even more special!

Ornate Cupcakes with Ribbon

Cupcake Packaging with Ribbon

Instead of adding the ribbon onto your cupcake, think about the cupcake packaging. Transporting cupcakes is not the easiest. There are many cupcake boxes and supplies to help, but don’t forget to add a touch of fun with a playful bow. Lisa Storms came up with an idea of using a simple plastic cup, some cellophane, and cute ribbons to tie her cupcake packaging altogether. Seems simple enough!

Cupcake Packaging with Ribbon

Cupcake Stand with Ribbons

If you are a huge cupcake baker, I recommend taking the time to build a cupcake stand that perfectly shows off your weekly creations. This Ruffled cupcake stand from Cake Journal is a lovely and easy craft to accomplish. All you need is some styrofoam, pink cardboard paper, and some ribbons. You can even buy curled ribbons already so you don’t have to spend time ruffling. This cupcake stand is a wonderful example of how cupcakes and ribbon go together like a horse and carriage. Don’t you think?

Cupcake Stand with Ribbon

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