How to Make Ribbon Carnations

Learn how to create ribbon carnations that can be used for hair accessories or embellishing gift packages and greeting cards. They look like real carnations and are very easy to make!

Materials to make ribbon carnations:

  • 13 ft of 1 inch wired ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (color should match ribbon color)

Instructions on how to make ribbon carnations:

  1. Ease back the wired ribbon to find the metal wire
  2. Move the ribbon down the wire to gather it
  3. Create as much gathers as you can to get a full carnation
  4. Once all of the wired ribbon has been gathered it should measure to about 2.5 ft
  5. Cut off the loose wire and tie a knot at the end of the wired ribbon
  6. Hold onto the knot and start wrapping the gathers around it so that they sit on top of the knot
  7. Once you’ve done a couple of turns, secure it with the needle and thread
  8. Hold on to knot again and continue wrapping and gathering
  9. Secure it with the needle and thread again
  10. Keep repeating this process until all the gathers have been wrapped and secured
  11. Snip off the excess wire and tie a knot on the other end as well
  12. Cut off any excess wired ribbon tails
Ribbon Carnations

Ribbon Carnations

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