Coral Weddings with Matching Coral Ribbon

This wedding season everyone is talking about the color coral. Brides are opting for this cheerful color, from bridesmaid dresses to table settings, to flowers. Keep an eye out and you’ll see coral everywhere when it comes to the wedding circuit. Coral is considered a reddish or pinkish shade of orange. And there are many types of corals like Coral Pink, Light Coral, Coral, and Coral Red.

So how can we help you plan the perfect coral wedding? We’ve gathered the most wonderful coral wedding decor and what coral ribbon you need to “steal” the look.

Coral Weddings – Chairs

Coral Tulle & Coral Wedding Chairs

To capture these ornate chairs that are romantic and fun, you’re going to need Coral Tulle. Once you stock up on your coral tulle, you’ll want to apply the coral tulle on top of the white chair coverings. Then tie beautiful bows behind each chair at the reception (see My Little Chickadee’s Blog photo for inspiration). Not sure if this is the look you are going for? There are many ways you can shape Coral Tulle and we even have more chair decoration examples in another blog post. Go here: Wedding Chair Decorations with Ribbon to see more options with your Coral Tulle.

Coral Weddings – Wedding Favors

Coral Wedding Favor and Coral Shimmer Ribbon What’s in the box? Whatever you feel like it! Fill a ring box with candy, a keychain, or any other wedding party favor you can think of. Then use this Shimmer Coral Ribbon for tying your wedding favor together. Unlike the photo from The Knot, this Shimmer Coral Ribbon will bring sparkle to any table setting and pairs nicely with an orchid if you choose to borrow the idea from above. You can even use this coral to wrap around the floral arrangements of the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Here’s another wonderful example from Brenda’s Wedding Blog:

Bridesmaids Bouquets with Coral Ribbon

Coral Weddings – Wedding Invitations

Coral Wedding Invitations & Coral Raffia Ribbon These beautiful coral reef invitations from Etsy shop Melina are such a neat idea for a coral wedding! Instead of using the pale beige ribbon, we recommend tying on the Coral Raffia Ribbon instead (shown to the right). This Coral ribbon will surely make your wedding invitation pop. If you’re not continuing the marina theme into your wedding, we recommend wedding invitations with pale pink roses, light blue background, or other fun wedding themes. Just remember Coral pairs well with light pink, light blue, teal, and purple. Have fun with it!

Coral Weddings – Coral Wedding Dresses for Bride and Bridesmaids

Coral Wedding Dresses & Coral Tulle Bolts

This collection of dresses from Martha Stewart Weddings, which includes Mother of the Bride, two bridesmaids, one flower girl, and one gorgeous looking bride, could use some Coral Tulle Bolts. Coral Tulle Bolts could be sew under the dress and stick out about an inch from the first layer. This would add some much needed jazz to any wedding party. And the flower girl will love sashaying her tulle underskirt up and down the aisle way, and in circles, and in rows of guests (cause that’s what flower girls do – they take detours sometimes). Coral is definitely playful and will add charm to any wedding.

So color it up with a charming coral wedding! Let us know what colors you’re thinking for your wedding and we can help you come up with an inspirational board and ribbons to match. Just call us the Wedding Ribbon Planners. We like it. :)

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