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Tutu Mason Jars

Whether you are throwing a ballerina themed birthday party for your little one, looking for a way to decorate your daughter’s room (or your room, no need to exclude adults, because it can definitely work for adults too), or are looking for a way to “girly” up a party or bedroom, consider making these cute […]

Tulle Flowers Video Tutorial

With how flirty and airy tulle is, it is no wonder it is a wonderful choice for making flowers with. Tulle makes anything elegant and soft. So whether it is for fun, a wedding, or other special occasion, you will want to make these tulle flowers. You can pin them to alligator clips, headbands, bouquets, […]

DIY Christmas Votive Candle Holder

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas decorating idea? How about making a simple DIY votive candle holder? You can use it around the house or on your dinner table as a sweet and simple decorative statement. Even “go green” by using an empty food can! By following these simple steps, you can make a […]

How to Carve a Lion Pumpkin with Tulle Mane

This lion pumpkin is just what we need to roar a loud and ferocious “Happy Halloween” to you. Hear us roar with this one-of-a-kind pumpkin carving idea that is sure to impress trick r’ treaters tonight. And what’s our favorite part of this carved pumpkin? The tulle mane really adds a little more wild into […]

Use Tulle to Paint Your Nails

Who knew that tulle can be used to paint your nails? Just grab a small piece of tulle (like 4″ stripe of 6″ tulle), pinch it into a ball, and then paint the top with nail polish. The tulle acts as a sponge, so just dab it on your nail once the polish has been […]

How to Make a Tulle Bow for Gift Packaging

Tulle is one of the easiest embellishment items to work with. It takes seconds to create volume, it doesn’t fray, and it’s easy for crafty beginners to get started on. For this week’s craft, we decided to keep it as easy-peasy as possible by just showing you how to create a simple tulle bow. You […]

July 4th Tulle Fireworks Video

With July 4th marching its way closer, we’ve decided to show you how to make spectacular tulle fireworks that you can use as a table centerpiece or, since they look like wands, the kids can run around with them while you BBQ. These are much safer than sparklers! The technique is just like making a […]

How to Make a Tulle Dress for a Little Girl

If you’re a huge fan of the tulle tutu and are looking for something even more fun to make with tulle, stop or twirl right here. This week’s YouTube video shows you how to make the very popular tulle dress. Because of the large poof the tulle gives, this type of dress looks like a […]

Tulle Skirt Video Tutorial

Celebrate the warm weather outside by ditching the jeans, and yanking on the skirt! We’ve got such a fun video craft this week. Learn how to make a very simple tulle skirt with this step-by-step tutorial from What the Craft. She walks you through how to make a peek-a-boo skirt where the fabric is peeking […]

Easy Tulle Gift Bow – All You Need is a Popsicle Stick!

For this week’s craft tutorial, we wanted to come up with a simple and easy gift packaging idea. And what’s super easy to work with? Tulle! We pulled out our tulle spools and went to work in creating this simple and easy tulle gift bow. Our goal was to make it easy, affordable, and quick, […]

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