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Trending Crafts with Ribbon

Ribbons are such a versatile material that can be used to adorn gifts, crafts, and more. We love keeping up with the new ideas of how to craft with ribbon, and we found five creative ideas that are trending on Pinterest. You’ll want to emulate these crafts or, at least, inspire you to come up […]

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Ribbon Wrapped Bottles

We recently came across the opportunity to upcycle a used Starbucks frappuccino bottle and a La Victoria salsa jar. And because we love any opportunity we get to recycle and reuse empty glass jars, we couldn’t resist. We wanted to turn these bottles that were bound for the waste bin, into something new and beautiful. […]

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Ribbon Spotlight: Cotton Linen Ribbon

This natural-looking cotton linen ribbon with fringed edges has a rustic texture and vibe. Use it in replace of burlap or jute, or alongside with it! An added touch of lace and twine doesn’t hurt this look either. Recommended Uses for this Cotton Ribbon: Furbish an outdoor, “green” or country inspired wedding, birthday, or special […]

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Ribbon Mobiles

Make your own beautiful ribbon mobiles for room decor or party decorations. We all know that mobiles are most commonly used hanging over a crib in a baby nursery, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be their only purpose. Mobiles can be used as a not-so-noisey replacement of a wind chime in a window, above […]

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How to Make a Simple Knotted Ribbon Bow

We’ve shown you how to make the boutique bow, the tuxedo bow, and the curling bow. Today, we are going to show you how to make the knotted ribbon bow that is very popular for using on gift packaging and greeting cards. This bow does not take long to make and is great for beginners […]

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DIY Shamrocks

As you get ready to celebrate the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with shamrocks and four leaf clovers. Four leaf clovers, the American version of a shamrock, obviously have four leaves, but shamrocks on the other hand, have three leaves. Shamrocks are an old symbol of luck created by the Irish […]

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Baker’s Twine Valentine Crafts

History of Baker’s Twine Before baker’s twine became what it is today, a versatile twine that people use for anything from decorating their home, to crafts, to gift wrapping and wrapping food, it was used solely for the purpose of food. Bakers would use twine to tie paper around baked goods such as loaves of […]

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DIY Valentines Day Gift Tags

With all the hearts, cupids, and arrows, Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. There is so much love whether its for your family, friends, kids, or coworkers. It is just nice to celebrate love with the people you appreciate the most. And to keep the love train moving, we made some cute Valentines […]

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DIY Valentine Gift Ideas

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. Among the hustle and bustle of getting back into the swing of things from the holidays, ¬†we have a little over a month until we celebrate the next widely recognized holiday, Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, our pocketbooks may be a little lighter and our energy […]

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Five Ribbon Heart Tutorials

These ribbon heart tutorials make our heart melt, which is perfect because it is right in time for Valentine’s Day. Learn how to make these five hearts using our favorite craft supply – ribbon. You could attach any of these ribbon hearts to Valentine’s Day cards, hairbows, brooches, hairbands, and other accessories or clothes. Ribbon […]

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