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Easy DIY Garland

These days there are so many creative ways to decorate for a party or event, but not all are time efficient. Cut this, glue that, drill a hole, nail this…whatever the direction might be, sometimes there’s just not enough time in this fast-pace world! So if you are putting a party together in a jiffy, […]

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Tutu Mason Jars

Whether you are throwing a ballerina themed birthday party for your little one, looking for a way to decorate your daughter’s room (or your room, no need to exclude adults, because it can definitely work for adults too), or are looking for a way to “girly” up a party or bedroom, consider making these cute […]

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Indoor Camping Birthday Party

Looking for a fun and unique idea for your kid’s birthday party? How about an exciting indoor camping themed birthday party?! Whether it is a sleepover or daytime party, make a cool outdoorsy adventure indoors! The kids will have a blast with this one-of-a-kind camping experience. Here a few ideas to get this party started: DIY […]

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DIY Windsocks

Make your own festive and decorative windsocks at home. There is no need to go out and purchase decorations or supplies; easily make decorations, such as windsocks, at home with items you already have handy. Windsocks are a cute and simple way to decorate for the holidays or special occasions; they look cute both outside or […]

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Tea Themed Baby Shower

Tea parties – you’ve heard of them for wedding celebrations, political statements, and as the Mad Hatter’s favorite pastime. But we’re going to show you an even more fun way to incorporate tea into a celebration – a Tea themed Baby Shower! A reader put together a friend’s baby shower where the mom-to-be wanted the theme to […]

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Ribbon Mobiles

Make your own beautiful ribbon mobiles for room decor or party decorations. We all know that mobiles are most commonly used hanging over a crib in a baby nursery, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be their only purpose. Mobiles can be used as a not-so-noisey replacement of a wind chime in a window, above […]

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DIY Shamrocks

As you get ready to celebrate the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with shamrocks and four leaf clovers. Four leaf clovers, the American version of a shamrock, obviously have four leaves, but shamrocks on the other hand, have three leaves. Shamrocks are an old symbol of luck created by the Irish […]

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Heart Shaped Doilies for Valentine’s Day

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with heart shaped paper doilies. They are easy to work with and versatile for many different uses.  They can be used for wrapping gifts, making Valentine grams, decorating with, and embellishing items. Here are a few ways that they can be used: Heart Shaped Doily Decorating Ideas If you are […]

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Stars and Moon Baby Shower Ideas

Goodnight Moon, goodnight stars, goodnight stresses of thinking of a baby shower theme! That’s exactly what you will be saying once you snag these ideas for a baby shower stars and moon theme that we put on. From baby shower diaper cakes topped with glittered star sprays to moon faced tissue paper pom poms, we […]

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Mustache Party Ideas

Every man’s smile looks ten million times better with a slight twitch of a mustache. True story; mustaches are all the hipster rage right now. We’ve even featured this iconic symbol on a gift box with our DIY Mustache Gift Box tutorial from March. What a fun gift box to bring to the theme of […]

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