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DIY Vases

Looking for a cute and easy way to make your own vase? There are several different DIY ideas out there, all unique to your taste, but here are some ideas that are sure to be wallet friendly. Each vase featured below reuses some type of household item you probably already have. Affordable, eco-friendly, and cute, […]

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DIY Windsocks

Make your own festive and decorative windsocks at home. There is no need to go out and purchase decorations or supplies; easily make decorations, such as windsocks, at home with items you already have handy. Windsocks are a cute and simple way to decorate for the holidays or special occasions; they look cute both outside or […]

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Ribbon Mobiles

Make your own beautiful ribbon mobiles for room decor or party decorations. We all know that mobiles are most commonly used hanging over a crib in a baby nursery, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be their only purpose. Mobiles can be used as a not-so-noisey replacement of a wind chime in a window, above […]

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Crafts with Buttons

With all of the extra buttons that come with shirts and jackets, it seems as if there are always a multitude of  extra buttons lying around the house. If you have extra buttons that you are looking to make use of, use them for fun DIY projects. You can reuse and recycle the old buttons […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Looking for activities and crafts to do with the kids this St. Patrick’s Day? We have found some cute and simple arts and crafts projects your kids will love. Our days are busy and the kids still have more energy than we do, so setting them down for some art time may help to wind […]

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Spiky Ribbon Flower Video Tutorial

We’ve seen all sorts of ribbon flowers, but this spiky ribbon flower from Hectanooga1 on YouTube caught our attention. The spiky ends of this flower make this very one-of-a-kind and would look wonderful on gift packages, as a hairband, or for other craft purposes. These flowers seem easy to make if you follow her directions […]

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DIY Shamrocks

As you get ready to celebrate the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with shamrocks and four leaf clovers. Four leaf clovers, the American version of a shamrock, obviously have four leaves, but shamrocks on the other hand, have three leaves. Shamrocks are an old symbol of luck created by the Irish […]

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Tulle Flowers Video Tutorial

With how flirty and airy tulle is, it is no wonder it is a wonderful choice for making flowers with. Tulle makes anything elegant and soft. So whether it is for fun, a wedding, or other special occasion, you will want to make these tulle flowers. You can pin them to alligator clips, headbands, bouquets, […]

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Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts to Do with the Kids

Oh, can’t you just remember it like it was yesterday? Cubby full of Valentines cards, classmates all on a sugar-rush, and the time just flew by! Valentine’s day is such a big day in school, and makes the holiday super fun for kids. Keep the celebration going when your kids arrive from home by setting […]

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Valentine Wreaths

Use heart shaped wreaths to decorate your door for Valentine’s Day. Some of us may not go “all out” to decorate for Valentine’s Day like we do for Christmas, but if you’re looking to do something subtle this holiday, a wreath may be your answer. Wreaths, that are said to have originated in ancient Persian […]

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