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Decorating with Cinnamon Sticks

If you enjoy that sweet but spicy smell of cinnamon, as do we, you’re in luck! We have some great party and home decorating DIY projects using cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon sticks are great to decorate with because not only do they smell great, but they are inexpensive and give off a rustic vibe as well. […]

Ribbon Spotlight: Camouflage Ribbon

Boo! Did we scare you? Don’t mind us, we’re just blending in with the trees, seeing as we have on our camouflage ribbon and all. Just kidding! But seriously, camouflage ribbon is becoming one hot item for birthday parties, presents and crafts. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate camouflage into your party, […]

Ribbon and Candles

We are suckers for the look of ribbon wrapped around candles. It’s such a simple design element that adds more elegance and character to a candle. Plus, because wax is somewhat soft, it’s super easy to add ribbon onto a candle, just use pins! Once the candle gets down to the wick, you can remove […]

Simple With Raffia Ribbon

Raffia ribbon is growing in popularity. Due to its natural appearance and state, it’s a must-have item for crafting and wrapping. So why not get in on the trend and keep things simple with raffia ribbon? It may be a “simple” ribbon, but it still looks cute and is easy to work with. There are […]

No-Carve Pumpkins

It may be a little over two months away, but we have Halloween on our mind, pumpkins, in particular. We love pumpkins! Whether they’re to eat, to decorate, or just to look at and admire, they make us happy! So here at Ribbons.com, we think it’s never too early to get those creative pumpkin juices […]

Striped Ribbons and Summer

There is something about the iconic and bold pattern of stripes that make it a perfect pair with summer. The stripe pattern is clean and adds a tasteful look to any project, craft, or wrapping. We wanted to share our favorite striped ribbon with you today – Jenna Striped Ribbon and a few crafts you […]

Easy DIY Garland

These days there are so many creative ways to decorate for a party or event, but not all are time efficient. Cut this, glue that, drill a hole, nail this…whatever the direction might be, sometimes there’s just not enough time in this fast-pace world! So if you are putting a party together in a jiffy, […]

Simple Way to Dress Up a Gift Bag with Ribbon

We wanted to dress up a gift bag in a small and simple way because we were already digging the mint green tissue paper and Kraft paper bag look; we just wanted to add a little more pizzazz to brighten up the packaging. That’s how we came up with this simple technique of attaching a […]

Ribbons.com Insider Look – Tissue Paper Flowers

One of our coworkers at Ribbons.com had a birthday recently, and we had to celebrate the crafty way! We made multicolored tissue paper flowers as large as a head to adorn her desk. Tissue paper flowers are super easy to make, and these ones came out nice and full. We used five sheets of different […]

Homemade Baskets Galore!

Making a homemade gift basket is quite a treat and can really floor your recipient who will be happy to receive such a personal gift. When you take the time to devote to how you package the items, your packaging will turn out just as wonderful as what’s inside! Our pals at Handmade Mood made […]

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