Burlap Gift Packaging

Just like we said in our Burlap Ribbon post, burlap is becoming all the rage this fall and winter season. The texture and color of burlap give any decor a rustic vibe while still maintaining the luxury of simplicity. You’re going to see burlap being used multiple ways until New Year’s. Many people are forgoing the metallic gold and silver for the holidays, and going the more “country in the Christmas” route. This involves creme colors, burlap, and more earthy tones like mint.

To stay on top-of-the-trend, we’ve decided to devote this blog to burlap gift packaging. Here you will see wonderful examples of how you can incorporate burlap into your gift packaging for friends and family.

Burlap Lined Basket

Instead of giving the traditional gift basket with tons of fill and cellophane, opt for a burlap lined basket. Summer Scraps has a wonderful tutorial on how to make it. All you need is a piece of burlap, a large basket, and a hot glue gun. Glue the burlap onto the basket, being sure to create cute folds. Tie down the burlap with some rope or jute twine. And you’re finished! To keep the theme going, add homemade biscuits, honey, sugar cookies, or something from the country.

Burlap Lined Basket

Burlap Candy Packaging

Deciding on a favor to give to your holiday guests? This idea from Martha Stewart Weddings is wonderful! Just cut mini squares of burlap, add candy, and tie with ribbon. To make it more holiday-themed, I would use red ribbon instead of the creme colored pictured. Also, when picking the candy to put in this favor, I would choose a candy that is wrapped. Burlap can sometimes leave reside or loose brown thread, therefore getting the candy dirty. Wrapped candy is better when working with burlap.

Burlap Candy Packaging Burlap Christmas Stocking

For a truly unique gifting experience, make these unusual burlap Christmas stockings from Color Outside the Lines to wrap your gift in. These are wonderful to make with the kids since it only involves interweaving thread through the burlap openings. It doesn’t look like it can hold much weight, so I would only use this packaging for light items or only one item. Some great things to fill up this Christmas stocking would be candy, make-up like lipgloss, or maybe packets of hot cocoa (one bag of marshmallows, one bag of hot cocoa).

  Burlap Christmas Stocking Burlap Paper Packaging

Ever had that homemade card that you wanted to make more special? Or maybe a gift card that’s paper? Or even a certificate for being the “Best Dad in the Whole Wide Word”? Use this lovely burlap paper packaging idea to show it off. All you need to do is roll your paper into a semi-tight roll. Then roll a strip of burlap that’s 2-inches wide. Be sure and overlap the ribbon and glue the ribbon to itself on the backside. Add a twine bow to finish the look. You don’t want to glue on the paper, because you want the recipient to slide the burlap paper packaging off the top.

Burlap Paper Packaging

Burlap Gift Bags

Looking for something more unique than the everyday plastic gift bag? Seasons of Joy‘s knows exactly what you mean! These adorable burlap gift bags are great for larger items like a candle, DVD, or medium-sized toy. It’s a simple technique to sew a burlap gift bag, since you only need to sew the sides and bottom. Just add a bow at the top to close. You could also make these bags drawstring, so the recipient will use them over and over again.

Burlap Gift Bags

Burlap Gift Box Packaging

Now, we’ve come to the big leagues! Burlap is the easiest when used on gift box packaging. You can adhere burlap two ways – use a strip down the middle of your gift box (typically, only a few inches wide) like The Savvy Photographer did or you can cover your whole package with burlap like The Charity Wedding did. It really depends on how much burlap you have available, what adornments you have, and how big the box is. For larger boxes, I would use the strip of burlap (just wrap, glue, and tie ribbon). If you have a ton of adornments, I would also use the burlap strip method, since you can doll up the middle of the burlap strip. If you have a ton of burlap and only small-sized boxes, why not cover the whole thing? Then finish it off with a bow.

Burlap Gift Box Packaging

Burlap Gift Packaging Embellishments

Wrap your present in a gift box or gift bag and then use some burlap embellishments to dress it up! Here are some wonderful adornments that are easy to make. To make the bow, cut your burlap fabric, cut a tiny piece (like 1/4″) and wrap it in the middle of the burlap, and then use your fingers to create the creases. To create the flower with green ribbon band, just cut your burlap ribbon into 1/2″ wide x 4″ height strips, overlap the strips until it resembles a flower, glue in the middle, and add white fabric strips on top. Go to Today’s Fabulous Finds to learn how to make the more intricate burlap flower. And to create the burlap bow, you swap out ribbon and use burlap instead. You may need to use starch to keep the flaps from falling over.

Burlap Embellishments for Gift Packaging

Burlap Gift Envelope

This adorable burlap gift envelope from Glue Arts is quite unique and adorable. You can do what she did and fill the envelope full of tea or you could add recipe packets. Because it is open at the top, be careful when transporting this packaging (the ingredients may fall out in transport). Head to her blog for the exact instructions on creating this adorable burlap gift envelope.

Burlap Gift Envelope

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