All About the Velvet Ribbon

When the air gets chiller and the apple cider is boiling on the stove, it’s time to pull out the velvet ribbon! This fabric ribbon is known for its soft texture and one-of-a-kind look. It looks great for the holidays – from Thanksgiving table centerpieces to Christmas stockings. Tis the season for the velvet ribbon.

Famous celebrities who don the velvet are Santa Claus, Elves, and even Mrs. Clause herself. So get in the spirit of the holidays by decorating your gift packaging or holiday crafts with this soft and cuddly ribbon.

History of Velvet Ribbon

The history of velvet ribbon dates back to when velvet fabric was used to distinguish royalty in Cairo, Egypt. The fabric was later traded with other countries and became quite popular in England when King Richard II asked to be buried in it. Since then, the luxury of the look has made velvet ribbon associated with the holiday season and cold winter months.

History of Velvet Ribbon - Fashion Example

Photo from National Trust Associations, 1860

How Velvet Ribbon is Made

Velvet ribbon can be made from silk, cotton, wool, linen, and other types of fabric. There are many types of velvet like crushed velvet, embossed, and hammered. Each type is created by a unique process that may or may not involve twisting the fibers while wet or by crushing the fibers down until a certain appearance is given.

Velvet Ribbon Crafts

I made a collage of all the wonderful ways you can incorporate velvet ribbon. You can make pretty gift bows out of velvet ribbon, you can use velvet ribbon as an accent piece for place settings (this would be great for winter weddings or holiday parties), and you can even decorate the wedding cake with velvet ribbon. Because of the thickness of velvet ribbon, it’s a great ribbon for laying flat and adding dimension to any project. Since velvet ribbon is derived from velvet fabric, you can even use velvet ribbon for making a cute belt around your dress. You’ll want to find lighter velvet ribbon to look the most elegant. Add some embellishments and you’re ready for the holiday season. Velvet ribbon also looks wonderful wrapped around a bouquet. The lavish look of velvet pairs well with weddings. Velvet ribbon isn’t the easiest to manipulate, but when you do it is quite unique! Just check out that blue velvet rose below. Stunning! And lastly, you can use velvet ribbon as an accent for any clothing item like the belt that has interwoven velvet ribbon. Basically, have fun with velvet ribbon and share your craft with us by leaving a comment.

  Velvet Ribbon Crafts

Photos from eHow, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Charm City Cakes, Pinterest, Southern Weddings, Laura McGlynn, & Cathie & Steve

Where Can I Buy Velvet Ribbon?

You can find velvet ribbon here for great prices. I’ve gathered a collection of their best velvet ribbon to showcase here.

Traditional Velvet Ribbons

This traditional velvet ribbons come in 3/8″, 5/8″, and 1″ sizes. They’re luxurious and single faced plush, which makes them great for gift packaging and invitations. Made from 100% nylon, these velvet ribbons come in a variety of colors.

Traditional Velvet Ribbon

Flocked Velvet Ribbons

Flocked Velvet Ribbons are wonderful for displaying your holiday spirit on your front lawn. These ribbons have a special polypropylene backing and are waterproof for taking the roughness of the outdoors. These flocked velvet ribbons come only in red but are available in a variety of sizes.

Flocked Velvet Ribbons

Glitter Velvet Ribbons

Oh boy, oh boy, are we excited about these ribbons! These are the ribbons that Dorothy and the Wicked Witch dream of! Just look at that bright red velvet ribbon. These super glitter ribbons come in a variety of colors and sizes. The glitter is not loose and is in fact woven in to create a holographic glitter thread that leaves no mess. There’s nothing like these shimmery velvet ribbons.

Glitter Velvet Ribbon

Wired & Striped Velvet Ribbon

Wired velvet ribbons make it easy to attach your ribbon to gift boxes, bags, and other fun places. These wired ribbons are fun and add a playful pop of color to any craft project. The stripes are metallic, diagonal, and repeating. There’s a lot going on in this ribbon, but it’s all good.

Wired Velvet Ribbon

Floral Velvet Ribbons

These floral velvet ribbons remind me of the Secret Garden! They would look wonderful inside a greenhouse or for packaging a bouquet this holiday season. These ribbons feature velvet on one side, hidden wire to keep the shape of your bow, and light glitter for some shine.

Floral Velvet Ribbons

Baroque-Style Velvet Ribbons

Can’t you just see the ladies in waiting, the Crown Jewels, and the English gardens when you look at these Baroque-style velvet ribbons? The luxurious pattern plays nicely with velvet and creates an atmosphere of elegance. You could also reverse the ribbon, since the backside is gold.

Baroque Velvet Ribbons

Flocked Velvet Ribbon Bows

Make it easy-peasy lemon-squeezy when you decorate with these  flocked velvet ribbon bows. With just one pull, you’ll make an 18 looped and 1-1/4″ wide ribbon bow. It’s waterproof, so you can tie these lovely bows on trees to celebrate good tidings or on packaging to impress your in-laws that you can make perfect bows without any one’s help (shh..we won’t tell).

Flocked Velvet Ribbon Bows

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  1. jamesmount says:

    I have currently bought a saree and stitched 5 meter velvet ribbon towards its end and it is now looking gorgeous. You can also try it, if you love wearing saree.

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