5 DIY Ribbon Flowers You Can Make

With spring in the air, we’ve got flowers dancing in our heads all day. Why not make a ribbon flower to celebrate the season? We’re going to show you five fabulous ribbon flower tutorials we found. Each tutorial involves ribbon, but each one is so different in the results that you could put together a wonderful bouquet if you make all five. Enjoy and leave us a comment on which one is your favorite.

Rounded Ribbon Flowers

From Ribbon Flowers blogspot, these round ribbon flowers are easy to make. Use a metal washer to get the rounded shape on the ribbon, then use a woodburner to cut it out. The heat will seal the ribbon as well. Once you get all five ribbon petals cut out, stitch the top of the petals (not the rounded part) together with a needle and thread. Pull tightly and you’ll see your flower transform right before your eyes.

Rounded Ribbon Flowers

Ric Rac Ribbon Flowers

This ribbon flower tutorial from Hands Occupied is similar to the above tutorial in the sense that you use thread and a needle to pull the flower together. Using ric rac instead of grosgrain ribbon really makes this flower unique. The wavy pattern of rick rack makes this flower adorable. All you need to do is thread a needle and thread through a long piece of rick rack. Be sure and thread at the top (as seen as the photo), continue this process until you reach the end, then pull your thread to tighten the flower.  You can then glue an applique in the middle like a pearl or use pin to make the stem.

Rick Rack Flowers


Scrunched Ribbon Rose

We’ve featured this ribbon making technique before. It’s super easy to do! All you need is a round felt piece and some ribbon. Start in the middle of your felt piece, glue the ribbon down and start scrunching and gluing. Move around the piece to create a wrinkle ribbon rose. Because this rose is flat, this ribbon rose makes the perfect embellishment for scrapbooking, gift packaging, and more. Add pearls or beads in the middle to finish the look. This ribbon flower is from Scrapstreet.

Scrunched Ribbon Rose

Wired Ribbon Rose

This one was made by yours truly. To get the wired ribbon to scrunch, pull out one edge that’s wired and start scrunching. For the full tutorial, head to our blog post¬†How to Make a Rosette with Wired Ribbon.

How to Make a Rosette with Wired Ribbon - Steps


Simple Ribbon Daisy

If you are looking for the easiest ribbon flower to make, here it is. Just cut ribbon into equal lengths, twist and glue down into crazy-8 shapes. Stack each ribbon and glue them on top of each one. Add a cute embellishment in the middle and you’re done! We made this ribbon here too.

Simple and Easy Ribbon Daisy

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